Launch, Optimize and Distribute Video Assets Faster

Distribute assets to US & international video sites and social networks, optimize videos for search and social discovery with built-in video SEO tools, and view social media-integrated video analytics without leaving the MediaNest dashboard.

Social Media Trends for  Your Videos Online Video Distribution to Over 30 Sites Video Analytics & Social Media Analytics
Integrated Social Shares

Social media trends by video.

Upload to Over 30 Sites

Customize videos in a click.

Comprehensive Video Analytics

Multi-Site video analytics.

Video SEO Tools
Built-in Video SEO Tools to Increase Search Traffic

What type of video content is your audience searching for online? Is your video content optimized for search discovery? Ensure that your content reaches your audience searching on YouTube with video tag optimization, increase search traffic to your brand’s videos with automated video title suggestions based on searcher data, and reach the right audience at the right time by discovering the best time to post your videos.

Video Meta Data Management
One-Click, Multi-Site Video Customization

Need to bulk edit descriptions, change messaging or customize thumbnails? Do it all from the MediaNest dashboard. If saving time by replicating your Brand’s video metadata (Titles, Descriptions & Tags) across partner sites is affecting your search traffic, MediaNest’s metadata alternatives allows you to target each partner site with unique metadata; meaning more of your videos surface in search.

International Video Content Marketing
International Video Content Marketing

MediaNest makes distributing your videos to social networks like Facebook, partner video sites like DailyMotion, and international video sites as simple as uploading to YouTube. Without leaving your dashboard, execute international content marketing campaigns on country-specific sites like (China), (Germany), (The Netherlands), (Pakistan), and more.

Video & Social Analytics
Campaign-wide Video & Social Analytics

Using MediaNest means that when it’s time to create campaign reports, Marketing and Brand Managers will no longer have to login to, download or combine data from multiple sites to understand if their content met video and social media campaign goals. Get breakdowns for domestic vs. international video views and single site vs. total distribution partner view metrics, all with social share data incorporated.

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