About Us

We are on a mission to simplify video content marketing for creators, brands and agencies by making video distribution, search engine optimization and campaign analysis a seamless experience.

Andrew Foo
CTO & Co-Founder

Andrew Foo, MediaNest CTO & Co-Founder

Julien Khaleghy
CEO & Co-Founder

Julien Khalegy, MediaNest CEO & Co-Founder

Natasha Robinson
CMO & Co-Founder

 Natasha Robinson, MediaNest CMO & Co-Founder

With expertise gained from building a Gaming company where video content marketing was key to driving 30M page views per month, creating a Web Analytics company that leveraged Big Data to help Search Marketers regain keyword-level traffic insights, and working in-house on video & online marketing campaigns for Viacom, Salesforce, and MySpace it’s easy to see why we are weirdly passionate about creating a seamless video marketing experience for you.